Hip Replacement in India: Rehabilitation Exercises You Must Do

By Lyfboat Technologies on Wed, June 28, 2017

Hip Replacement in India is a complex procedure that can lease a new life to patients suffering from severe and persistent hip pain. Hip pain may affect patients because of a number of reasons, including arthritis of the hip joint, a hip injury and degenerative damage to the hip bone.

Hip replacement in India is conducted across different orthopaedic hospitals. The best hospitals for hip replacement in India receive thousands of medical tourists from abroad who suffer from severe hip pain that affects their quality of life. Different hip replacement hospitals in India offer rehabilitation advice to patients after the surgery that they must follow.

Hip replacement surgery in India is just one way to reduce or eliminate hip pain. However, the patient has to make sure that he or she continues to make efforts to recover fully after the surgery and ensure that they stay pain-free.

This is the reason why it is important to perform certain rehabilitation exercises after undergoing hip replacement in India. The rehabilitation services are often included in the final hip replacement cost in India.

Rehabilitative exercises that you must perform after hip replacement surgery include the following:

Thigh squeezes: Lie flat on your bed and gently push back your knee to squeeze the upper muscles of the thighs. Hold it for five second and release. Repeat it several times.

Buttock squeeze: Tighten the muscles of your button while lying flat on the bed. Hold it for five seconds and release. Repeat it several times.

Ankle circles: While lying flat on the bed, rotate your ankle in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Repeat several times.

Sitting kicks: Sit straight on a chair and raise one leg up in the air to straighten the knee. Try to keep the knees straight for a few seconds and then lower leg slowly. Repeat with the other leg. Try this a few times.

Hamstring: Bend your knee to one side and try to tighten the back muscles of your thigh. Maintain this for a few seconds and repeat with the other leg.

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