Advances in Cochlear Implant Surgery: Choose Your Best Option Wisely

By Lyfboat Technologies on Fri, July 28, 2017

Cochlear implants help restore hearing ability partially in children and adults suffering from profound hearing loss.

A typical cochlear implant has two components, one is placed on the inner ear called cochlear, while the other is worn behind the ear. The inner component catches sounds signals and sends electrical signals to the brain through the auditory nerve. The outer component helps activate the inner ear component to perform this action.

Cochlear implants in India are much affordable than any other country across the globe. It is estimated that the average cochlear implant cost in India is at least four times less than what it costs in the US.

The best cochlear implant hospitals in India keep themselves updated as per the newest technology available in the respective field. Researchers around the world continue to make attempts to innovate something that could possibly help people with profound hearing loss in a much better and less complicated way.

Innovations in Cochlear Implant Surgery

In 2007, the researchers demonstrated a new of conducted cochlear implant surgery. This breakthrough marked the beginning of a new era and the field of ENT surgery. For the first time in the history of medical sciences, the researchers used a smart robotic micro-drill in a handful of patients in the UK.

Using the robotic drill, the researchers created a minute hole in the inner ear of the patients to place the inner component of the implant device. The hole thus created with the help of the drill was found to be of the perfect size with an appropriate depth at the correct place.

There are several other types of technological advances cochlear surgery techniques that make use of the latest implant devices. The following are two of the important and most advanced cochlear implant devices used all over the world to treat profound hearing loss in children and adults:

Kanso: Kanso is a small cochlear implant that is highly visible and is considered highly suitable for school-going children for the same reason. It is so discreet that it makes children and adults forget that they are actually wearing something behind their ear. The barely noticeable appearance of the device helps boost confidence in them as they no longer feel that they are different than others.

Nucleus 6: This is one of the most advanced cochlear implant systems available in the field of medical sciences. It comes with an in-built SmartSound iQ that helps create an extremely superior sound hearing experience. SmartSound iQ is one of the most advanced sound processing system available today.

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